Taylor Fry

Taylor Fry is the main character of the series, Mortified. She is an imaginative 11-year-old girl that struggles getting through her teen years with her flawed and embarrassing family.She is embarrassed by her parents; jealous of her neighbour Brittany; her best friend, Hector, has a crush on her; and she has a crush on popular Leon. Taylor frequently breaks the </span>fourth wall and speaks directly to the audience. Her imagination causes inanimate objects to seemingly come to life.


She is embarrassed by her parents Don and Glenda, is annoyed by her sister Layla, and has a crush on her classmate Leon (while her best friend Hector has a crush on her, but she does not know it). Taylor regularly breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the audience.


Taylor Fry is an imaginative girl who takes her imagination to life. She is very thoughtful and curious. She has a crush on Leon, who is the most popular guy at school, and is jealous of her neighbour, Brittany. Her best friend is Hector, who is very loyal towards Taylor.

Taylor just wants to fit in with her school and live a normal life.She is embarrassed by her parents. She is jealous of her neighbour Brittany. She has a feud with her older sister, Layla. She drags along her best friend, Hector, along her crusades. Despite her curiosity, she is a very good friend and shows care to others. Even though she gets some embarrassing times from her parents, she still tries to help others when she can.


Hector Garcia (Best Friend)

Taylor is best friends with Hector. They go through many of Taylor's challenges together and he doesn't mind in what they go through, like figuring out who Taylor's real parents are (then found out that Taylor's parents are in fact her birthparents). Hector gave a valentines day card to Taylor (but Taylor thought it was from Leon then discovers it wasn't from Leon. Hector never told her it was from him). They fight at times but they always stick into being friends at the end.

Brittany (Neighbour and Possible Friend)

Brittany and Taylor have an on/off relationship. They both have a crush on Leon Lipowski ,the most popular kid in school, and often try to get his attention. They might have problems with each other but they always stick to each other and try to solve each other's problems sometimes. Taylor seems to be annoyed of Brittany at times. Their ship name is "Tector".

Leon (Crush)

Taylor has a huge crush on Leon,