Mystic Marj:

Mystic Marj (Sally McKenzie) is Glenda's cousin. She is a seer/fortune teller/mystic/prophetic/psychic and makes a living out of reading tea leaves. She is eccentric and, like Glenda, has a passion for chakras. Despite her reputation, Marj is often thought to
Mistica Marge
be a fraud and a bit insane. In the episode "Mother in the Nude" she and Taylor create a video where Marj predicts a series of cataclysmic events occurring at the seaside at the time of Sculpture by the Beach (eg. rainstorms, glaciers, landslides and thunderstorms) and no one believed her, and in the episode "Bigger than Vegas" Taylor goes to ask her advice for something and Marj correctly guesses that Taylor had been nominated for school captain but only because Glenda told her.