Mortified WIKI

Mortified was created by screenwriter and author Angela Webber. Series director is Pino Amenta. It consists of 26 24-minute episodes. The story follows Taylor Fry, an eleven year old girl living in a beachside town in Queensland ("Sunburn Beach"). She is embarrassed by her parents; jealous of her neighbour Brittany; her best friend, Hector, has a crush on her; and she has a crush on popular Leon. Taylor frequently breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the audience. Her imagination causes inanimate objects to seemingly come to life.

The first season of Mortified had a budget of A$9.3 million. It was shot entirely on location in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast while most of the school scenes were filmed at the local Palm Beach Currumbin State High School, starting on June 8, 2005. Mortified was launched in Cannes at MIPTV in April, 2006. It is screened by Channel Nine in Australia; its initial run started on June 30, 2006. In the UK it is screened by CBBC, and in Japan on NHK; the first episode aired on February 19, 2007. In the United States and Canada the show is syndicated to local television stations. Mortified has been sold to Disney Channel Australia, Disney France, Disney Italy, Disney Channel Latin America, Disney Brazil, Disney India, BBC Kids Canada, RTE Ireland in addition to broadcasters in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, CIS, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain and the Middle East. In Germany it is screened by KiKa, the first episode aired on March 12, 2008. In Portugal, it airs on Canal Panda since September 1, 2008. SEASON 3 CONFIRMED!!!! It has been confirmed that there will be a Remake of Morified in 2013. BUT then later confirmed that instead of a full remake there will be a SEASON 3!!!! It has been confirmed Maia Mitchell will return for season 3 as Brittany. The directors are currently getting the old cast back together and because Maia is currently on a tv show "The Fosters" filming season 3 of Mortified is delayed to late 2015 or even early 2016 because of the delay season 3 will most likely air sometime in 2018 on Netflix (for viewers located in the U.S or Canada) and Nine Network in Australia