Little Fish is an episode of Season 2. It's about Taylor Fry and her friends on the first day of high school.


It's Taylor's first day in year 7 at her new high school, and she's confident that it will be everything she dreamed it would be. But her
Litter Fish
enthusiasm quickly dissolves as everything that can go wrong does go wrong. She misses the bus, loses Hector and, when she eventually makes it to school, she smells like rotten fish - thanks to her mother's super home-mix de-stress aromatherapy ointment.

Quotes Edit

Taylor: [screaming] *Ew*, what is that? Glenda Fry: My super home-mix de-stress aromatherapy ointment, it's amazing. Taylor: Oh, it stinks! Glenda Fry: I can't believe my little girl's old enough to go to high school. Taylor: I can't believe you're rubbing that stuff on me. Glenda Fry: Thank me later.

Miriam: This year, there's six year seven classes. So let's see: 130 divided by six... 21.6 students per class. Taylor: I'm pretty sure I'm the point six. [Taylor laughs about her own joke, while Miriam apparently does not get it]

Taylor: [running from her house, shouting] Hector! Hector! Quick! I'm in danger. Hector: What sort of danger? Taylor: Death by aromatherapy. It's a killer.

[Taylor dreams about herself in a prison when she and Layla have to share Layla's room] Taylor Fry: [yelling] I've got to get out of this prison. Hector: Don't panic, everything will be alright. I baked you a cake. Taylor Fry: Is there a file in it? Hector: I knew I forgot something.

Don Fry: How's your new room, sweetheart? Taylor Fry: Oh, you mean the mouse cage? It will be better when the exercise wheel's installed. Glenda Fry: You seem a little tired, pumpkin. Maybe I should give you a massage. [Taylor runs away in panic]