Layla Fry:

Layla Fry (Dajana Cahill) is Taylor's older sister. She is nasty and annoying and is always getting on Taylor's last nerve. She is obsessed with fashion (in the episode "Mother in the Nude" she gets a job of presenting Hipp's Apricot Hand Cream on a TV
commercial and in the episode "The Chosen One" she steals Taylor's hairbrush) and is always finding and dumping boyfriends. Despite the feud between them, Layla does show some positive actions towards Taylor, such as in the episode "Taylor Gets a Job" she gives Taylor her old mobile phone (though it later turned out that all the old numbers were still in the call list and Taylor ended up getting phonecalls from random people) and in the episode "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" she helps Taylor rebuild her half-destroyed model of a Roman kitchen after Taylor reunited her with her old boyfriend. It is revealed in the episode "Taylor Turns Bad" that Glenda considers Layla a rebel, whilst Taylor considers her an idiot.