"Better Than Vegas":

Hector secretly nominates Taylor for school captain, unwittingly igniting her passion for politics. It seems to be a two-horse race as Taylor goes up against the perfect and beautiful, and seemingly unbeatable, Brittany Flune to take out the captaincy. Taylor pours herself into her campaign, determined to win, all the while trying to ignore her father’s petty annual “Christmas Lights” rivalry with Brittany’s father, Michael Flune.

Quotes Edit

Taylor Fry: You know, I'm glad I didn't get school captain... sort of.

Brittany: Me too.

Taylor Fry: But... I'm a bit disappointed.

Brittany: I'm not.


Brittany: My parents are. It was their idea all that stuff. I didn't wanna do it. How stupid am I telling them I was nominated? Duuhhh, Brittany.

Better tah vegas